Friday, 2 September 2011


some shots of work that went on today

my own piece for OWT Creatives issue no.9 'Chance' brief... I like the idea of good luck and having lucky objects/symbols/signs but I find bad luck symbols a little silly for some reason... so i decided to create a piece that featured these superstitions...

and in his own words... some of Mark's doodles..

i hope he gets chance to post some sneak peeks of his current commission, but I think that needs to stay hush hush for now.. until then you'll have to make do with his sordid imagination

Also.. with summer being pretty much over now (cept for a few days of sun).. Winter will test our spirit I think as it may get rather cold. OWT are planning on a winter window solution.. and i think we may need some curtains soon also..

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