Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dan's first post!

Pozdrowienia, Dan posting here for the first time on the 310 blog. I spent some time in the studio today, primarily to go and give Chris the rent he has been waiting for forever, but also to do some work. I must admit a fair amount of time was spent talking and looking at tattoo mags but at least something got done. I did some sketches for the Peculiar Bliss "creatures" brief.

My starting point came from Chris emailing me a sketch he had done that was a homage to, or at least mainly influenced by the Leviathan creature from the Final Fantasy series. He basically said he thought a version of it done in Lino cut (which is the technique I am currently employing and learning at the moment) would be tops and so I thought I would use that sketch as a starting point and just run with it in my own way, hopefully to be submitted to the Peculiar Bliss comp.  Here are a few sketches of that. The first is only half of what I did, (I only have an A4 scanner), and was more of a doodle, haven't been drawing much so it was a bit of an indulgence, from what I know of lino cut, I would have trouble doing something so detailed. The second lot is more like what I know I can achieve with the process and I will be carrying these further.

One thing about using Lino is that really I haven't explored the technique very much at all, I have done my fair share last year at Uni but really I don't know what I can achieve properly yet, and haven't fully explored the possibilities of mixing the fine linework I enjoy doing with it through photoshop. That is what I am finding exciting about the process at the moment though, that I am constantly learning, and hopefully I always will be.

Dan H

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