Friday, 23 December 2011

Ste's Displacement Image

This is my spaceman image I did for OWT Creative magazine Issue 10 Displacement. The magazine has come out really well, all of the images look great. The first image is the front cover and the second image is my illustration.

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

We Had A Visitor

On the way down to the studio I had to have a wander through the Northern Quarter.
It's such a refreshing place with new art work popping up all the time.

Shortly after seeing the giant finch I stumbled across a Public House guarded by two ever faithful hounds.
The photograph doesn't do them justice, they were huge.

It's not that often we get visitors in our studio,
it's something we all relish here at 310.

The other day Cath, who did a course in Stockport in the same year as us
(who is really an Illustrator)
popped in to have some products photographed by Chris.
And to have a good ol' natter and a brew of course!

Cath does very, very good crockery with a witty twist and a slice of Northern character.

Her website can be found here

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween images

We decided to each do an illustration for Halloween and, considering we only had a couple of days to get it done, I think we have all done really well. We are going to make this a regular thing for each season, the next one being Christmas, with the intention of getting them printed as cards.

Dan Hodgkinson

Chris Howker

James Hood

Mark Mottershead

Carrie-Anne Brown

Stephen's image is below.

My image needs working into a little more as there are a few things I had to sacrifice in order to get it done for Monday, so I will re-post my improved image asap.

Monday, 31 October 2011

Ste's New Spaceman

This is my new version of my spaceman with the butterflies coming out of this oxygen supply. I think it works better in black and white. I will do a colour version of this later in the year.

Ste's Zombie Self-Portrait

This is myself as a zombie for Halloween. Mark had this idea of everyone in the studio do an image relating to Halloween. I was mainly inspired by the TV series ‘The Walking Dead’. I have always wanted to do a zombie image, and I thought this would be a good chance to do this.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Boneyard Butterfly

This is the illustration I entered for the Peculiar Bliss magazine. Originally I was going to enter a goblin sat on a toadstool smoking a cig. But I felt like I was trying to hard with that idea. So I sent the butterfly image instead.

Ste's Spaceman

This spaceman image is totally self-indulgent. I was mainly inspired by the movie ‘2001 A Space Odyssey’. The main idea was to have a spaceman floating in space next to something dream like or surreal. So I decided to have butterflies coming out of his oxygen supply.

Above is the rough sketch

Here’s the watercolour image. I am not totally happy with the outcome of spaceman because blue is such a hard colour to paint with. So I am going to redo this image using pencil and digital. Then I can try out lots of different colour schemes.

Ste's Work Space

This is what my desk looks like at the moment. I have finally put that framed poster up. Also I am working on something new.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Peculiar Bliss

Mark has known about Peculiar Bliss (an online zine) for a while and it's almost becoming a regular thing for him, but this time round myself and Ste decided to enter it alongside him.

Issue 7's brief was "Creatures"

Ste Brown:

Mark Mottershead:

Chris Howker:

this little bit made me laugh... as if i'm a name that will draw people in.. :P

Also got next issue to look forward to now and hopefully everyone else in the studio will join in on this one..

Monday, 10 October 2011

A Rainy Day In The Studio

Belated blog post,
been mega busy working in my rubbish part-time job,
(which has turned pretty much full-time)
finishing my commission, sending sketches off to magazines
and entering competitions.

James's wall - He works digitally so we await an update!

Ste is working on this, spaceman & butterflies - can't wait to see the finished image.
Click on the image as the detail is lost otherwise.

Dan's lino's, awesome as ever & good to see him creating.

Birthday present for my Nana.
My throne/workspace on a dreary night.

Update Oct.

this is a personal update as I havent been sent any new pics from the other members.. but these last few weeks I have spent working on a piece for Peculiar Bliss' brief of Creatures and the Manchester and Salford Illustrated project...



I also spent 1 afternoon tryin to put up curtain poles for that beaming sun we've had up north recently, some how dont think we'll be needing them anymore.. but we will be after some thicker ones to keep out the winter chill soon i reckon!

I now have a couple of other projects to work on that I need to spend time doing, I'm getting too distracted worrying about other bits of useless crap when I should be enjoying myself drawing and creating things that I like....

Thursday, 22 September 2011

book shelf

nothing toooo interesting... but I GOT MY BOOKSHELF! hahah swapped the sofa around sorted a few other problems in the studio too... (the door always bein blown open by the draft... some other drafts sneaking in... good seein Dan in the studio working away... cleared some space for our 6th ;) ... and got other solutions set in motion...)

Cant do anything about that damn smell though!!! :s

My sofa did look like this...

couple of posters fell off, need RE-Upping.. and then rearranged my bookshelf.. awaiting a possible cofee table/stand to be added to my corner too!

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dan's first post!

Pozdrowienia, Dan posting here for the first time on the 310 blog. I spent some time in the studio today, primarily to go and give Chris the rent he has been waiting for forever, but also to do some work. I must admit a fair amount of time was spent talking and looking at tattoo mags but at least something got done. I did some sketches for the Peculiar Bliss "creatures" brief.

My starting point came from Chris emailing me a sketch he had done that was a homage to, or at least mainly influenced by the Leviathan creature from the Final Fantasy series. He basically said he thought a version of it done in Lino cut (which is the technique I am currently employing and learning at the moment) would be tops and so I thought I would use that sketch as a starting point and just run with it in my own way, hopefully to be submitted to the Peculiar Bliss comp.  Here are a few sketches of that. The first is only half of what I did, (I only have an A4 scanner), and was more of a doodle, haven't been drawing much so it was a bit of an indulgence, from what I know of lino cut, I would have trouble doing something so detailed. The second lot is more like what I know I can achieve with the process and I will be carrying these further.

One thing about using Lino is that really I haven't explored the technique very much at all, I have done my fair share last year at Uni but really I don't know what I can achieve properly yet, and haven't fully explored the possibilities of mixing the fine linework I enjoy doing with it through photoshop. That is what I am finding exciting about the process at the moment though, that I am constantly learning, and hopefully I always will be.

Dan H

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Mottershead Vs. Howker

these really made me laugh...

a battle/collab between myself and Mr.Mark Mottershead... it started as something completely different and ended up with doing caricatures of each other... i love days like that!

Friday, 9 September 2011

A Little Progress Piece

I've been getting my teeth in to my commission.
Lots of tasty figurative stuff to chomp on!

And also this for OWT's Chance brief.
They are Mayan masks & that is a Mayan calender.