Monday, 1 August 2011

And so it begins... (again)

We are 310…
310 is our illustration studio in Manchester and also our motto…
We are recent graduates of the illustration degree at Stockport College and so that we didn’t just fade away into nothingness or stop drawing altogether we banded together and rented this space so we can work out in the big bad world, offer advice to each other and basically have fun pushing and inspiring each other in our work.
The first month has been a little slow, purely because we’ve decided to paint the whole studio and start a fresh from what we were left with – a huge poster filled wall, tonnes of dirt, dust and flaking paint – but we now have our own little space, currently inhabited by 5 illustrators ;
and myself – Chris Howker 

with the prospect of more to join at a later date… but first we need to get our desks and chairs moved in and begin putting our own stamp on it…


I did start this over on wordpress but it was far more complicated than it was worth and hosting pics was a nightmare.. so.. back to blogger i came 

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